Monday, 13 October 2014


Welcome to Jötnarjäger!

This is just a quick explanation of who I am and what I'll be writing about, so I won't go on too long. Now I'm sure the articles going into the future will be more than enough to give you an explanation into what sort of person I am and what I'm interested in, but for the moment, there aren't any articles to gauge, so this is just a fill in for now.

Quite clearly, my real name is not Jæßun, but if you have half a brain you can probably work out what my first name actually is. There will invariably be folk out there who seem distrusting of anyone who doesn't use their real name for blogging or personal correspondence over the internet, but it is for good reason that I use an alias.

I am what the "progressive" left wingers would call a far-right extremist. I don't agree with the world that our un-elected social engineers are busy building behind our backs, and that makes people like me a threat to their system. When people, such as myself, begin to grow a thick skin to accusations that we are racist or a fascist for sticking up for traditional values, the only solution they have left is to start ruining lives. Many a man or woman has had their career destroyed because they dared to speak their mind, many even have served prison sentences. I can deal with that. However myself and my significant other are set to start a family very soon, and I cannot risk losing children because of a real fascist nanny-state.

I can't tell exactly what my articles will consist of, but keep in mind that I'm an English Nationalist who follows the Germanic/Norse Gods and also has an interest in geo-politics and science. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, survival stuff and hiking are all good, and I enjoy airsoft when I get the time to do it too. History is also one of my favourite topics, as is topics of a more esoteric nature. 

I'm looking to fund-raise and support the English community going into the future, and well I'm just a bit of an odd-job when it comes to activism too which will no doubt lessen in frequency as time gets taken up by family.

Most of all, I'm writing because I have a passion for writing and exchanging ideas, so if you have any comments on any of my posts please feel free to write one below.

(For anyone wondering, Jötnarjäger is a fake word made up of the Danish word for Jotunn, and the German word for hunter.)

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